February is already so busy!

I’ve been seriously neglectful of my blog I am hereby declaring that this week will have recaps of all of the months I’ve missed blogging. That is about five months, but I’m determined to make it happen.


Sitting down, writing

I just realized I completely forgot to post my September blog post! But here it is, a bit shorter than the others. The October post will be up soon as well. My attitude towards my project has shifted gears considerably since actually starting the writing portion of it. The work I did over the summer involved lots of activity,…
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Looking at Tour Guides

At most of the museums I have visited, a house tour has made up a major part of the interpretation. The number of exhibits varies at each museum, with major museums such as Mount Vernon featuring massive buildings dedicated to extensive museums, and smaller museums displaying only briefly descriptive signs. Even at museums with considerable…
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A few numbers

Now that I am more than halfway through my museum visits, I realized that I’ve accumulated a good deal more numbers that I am used to in history. I thought it would be interesting, and perhaps a bit fun, to look at some of the numbers I have and see if there is any meaning…
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Why are you here?

In the past weeks, as I’ve visited historic plantations (22 now!), I’ve begun to wonder why the other people on the tours with me have visited these sites. Some of these places cost a good deal of money or are considerably out of the way of any other attractions. What draws people in? Why do…
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