June Update: Kafka and Nationalist Monuments in Prague

Although Kafka may have been reticent to openly identify Prague in his stories, his diaries and letters to friends and family contain references to his life in the Bohemian capital. I have finally come across an instance in which he provides his personal sentiments towards two of the city’s notable monuments conceived and installed by Czech nationalists,…
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May Update: The Thesis Begins to Take Shape

Having divided the material into seven categories (Austro-Hungarian Empire, Prague Architecture and Urbanism, Prague Social History, Urban Theory, Kafka Interpretations, Kafka’s Biography, and Primary Texts), I am beginning to conceptualize how they interact with each other. I have considered how the social and cultural relations within the multinational empire led to the rise of nationalism,…
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Physical and Imagined Space in Franz Kafka’s Prague

In virtually all of his literary writings, Franz Kafka not once mentions the city of his youth and adulthood, Prague. Yet, we know from his diaries as well as posthumous studies of his life and work that the urban fabric of the city itself – not only its outward appearance, but also how it was…
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