Fall Update on NMR Experiments and Thesis Writing

Sorry I did not upload an October post. I was very busy with graduate school applications and running a plethora of experiments. However, I have made great progress on my honors project. The data collection portion of my thesis is almost complete. I have to create some figures in MATLAB and fix some parameters, but…
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Surprising New Discoveries in Data Analysis!

Hello everyone. Thank you to those who came out to the summer research poster symposium last week! It was quite a stressful yet rewarding experience. I was very nervous about how to present my research findings to other people, but I managed to deliver my research in an effective way. It was good practice for myself…
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Characterizing solvent ingression with single-sided NMR

Coming into summer research, I was planning on executing ultrafast T2–D NMR experiments on Traditional Oil (T.O.) and Water Miscible (W.M.O.) paints to see how different solvents ingress into different types of paint polymers. Initially, I was planning on using the Meldrum lab’s PM25 single-sided magnet to observe this phenomenon, however, little data was acquired from…
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Summer Update – Acrylic paint samples

Hello everyone, I can’t believe it is almost the end of the first summer session for honors research. I have been making slow progress in the first month. Here are some updates that happened in June.


Getting back into it!

Hello all, Just got back from my little two week vacation and ready to work! This is the first week of summer session 1 and I’m just getting back into the swing of things. I started to familiarize myself with our relatively larger PM 25 magnet with one my of peers Alfredo. He is working…
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