Light and fast

This last month we have been largely focusing on trying to calibrate our solar simulator. We have run into some problems, in that the test cell we were using only absorbed in the IR, and our lights were UV. We also faced some difficulties in size, one of our test cells was significantly larger than…
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July Update-Lets shine some light on the situation

Research can occasionally be frustrating. Sometimes it seems like every time you take two steps forward, you take another one back. Or occasionally eight. At the beginning of July, my plan was to go ahead and start the assembly of my full Solar Cell. To do that, I first had to characterize each of the…
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Onto Light-er things

My research project involved trying to solve some aggregation problems that occur in the active layer of a new, experimental type of solar cell (hybrid polymer-nanoparticle SC) by incorporating a species of algae, called a diatom, into the structure. My project comes in four distinct phases: isolating and cleaning the diatoms, chemically converting their material…
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Diatomaceous Hybrid Nanoparticle/Polymer Solar Cells

The most ideal source of sustainable, environmentally friendly energy is solar power; however, current solar-cell devices are expensive, inefficient, and often use toxic substrates in their production. The current method to process silicon, the most common material used in solar cells, is tedious and expensive. Because of their cost, solar cells are still not a…
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