TRPM4 Immunos Yield Encouraging Results

After fixing the TRPM4 protocol to work with an Alexa 488 flurophore, I was able to take some high quality confocal images of the medullary brainstem. This slide is slightly caudal for the preBotC, but still contains the preBotC on the right portion of the coronal, 60 micron slice. This image shows TRPM4 prevalence in…
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Immunohistochemistry of TRPC3 Channels

While my original project was largely focusing on NaV 1.6 channels in the PreBotzinger Complex (preBotC), recent data has focused my time in the direction of various TRP (transient receptor potential) channels. One TRP channel in particular, TRPC3, has been identified to potentially contribute to respiratory rhythmogenesis. To discover the anatomical localization of these channels,…
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Discovering the Ion Channel Mechanisms of Breathing

Breathing is an important behavior for homeostasis and life itself. Respiratory dysfunction results in morbidity and mortality for humans at all stages of life from preterm infants to the elderly. Breathing movements ventilate the lungs, and depend on pump and resistance muscles that are driven by neural circuits in the lower brainstem. Understanding these brainstem…
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