Anatomy of Ashes: Walking the Thin Line Between Too Accessible and Too Obscure

Hello all, So I’ve been fairly busy with reading and traveling to San Francisco, but I’d like to talk about those visits and that research at a later date. I’ve been reading, determined to finish the forty or so pages of rough draft that I promised I would complete before the summer’s over, and while…
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Anatomy of Ashes, pt. 2: Writing and Researching as an Outsider

“At first it was simple, he was drawing from memory. As Hiro sat in the sterile glow of his computer, locked within his cubicle within the building within Akihabara, nostalgia bloomed within him. He remembered his childhood home near the Three Mountains, his fingers laced with his mothers’. His tongue dragging across the roof of…
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Anatomy of Ashes: Fiction and Non-Fiction responding to Fukushima

Hello, all. My name’s Jordan Sutlive, and as of this blog post I’m a junior and English major at the college. (The junior status will change in less than a week; being an English major, however, has been part of the plan since middle school.) I’m here to inform y’all about my summer research, which…
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