Wrapping up Summer Research

With just a week left of the summer sessions, I have finished running participants, completed the tedious process of data cleaning, and have begun basic analyses. Although I am just running basic statistical tests right now, I am already seeing exciting results including key effects and interactions supporting my thesis. This summer has given me…
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Nearing the Half Way Point

These first four weeks of summer have flown by, and I have already been able to accomplish a great deal. While we are still busy running participants for the study, I have been able to stay productive and continue moving forward although I cannot yet analyze data. As I was preparing to write my thesis,…
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Solo Status- Learning and Mediation

My name is Kimberly Chaney and I will be graduating in December 2014. I am a psychology and classical studies double major and have been working on my Honors thesis in Psychology since the beginning of the Spring 2013 semester. My research is being advised by Professor Dickter, and is investigating the negative effects of…
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