Coding Criteria

During the month of October, I really buckled down when it came to coding, and I successfully completed four out of the five of my interviews I am planning on using. As I’ve been coding, I’ve realized that it is essential that I create some kind of “coding guidelines” to make sure that my classifications…
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September: Getting in the Swing of Things

This month has been a whirlwind of getting back into school and classes as well as solidifying my plan for my research. As the analysis of my six transcripts has begun, I’ve finally been able to get into the specifics of the language that my participants use to describe their lifestyle. I have created Excel…
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Veganism in a University Setting

As school starts up again, I am continuing to read articles about evaluation and discourse surrounding food and veganism that may help me structure the analysis of my over 200 pages of transcripts. While I walk around campus surrounded by my classmates once again, my mind can’t help turning to the individuals I interviewed over…
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Evaluation through Emphasis: Initial Roadblocks in Analysis

The main purpose of my research is to explore the different methods of evaluation vegans use according to the Appraisal framework developed by Martin and White (2005). This framework identifies three main ways that individuals can positively or negatively assess some item: through affect (emotion), appreciation (aesthetic values), and/or judgment (relating a behavior to some…
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Vegan Cheese: the Pros and Cons

As non-vegans, many of us take one look at vegan dairy and meat substitutes and stick out our tongues in disgust. Coconut milk ice cream? Ugh, it tastes nothing like real ice cream. Cheese made out of soy? Give me a break.