Winter Progress

The past few weeks have been a busy one for my thesis! I am coming to the end of working on my chapter on the role of hands in “Janet’s Repentance.” This has been incredibly fun to write since this text is so rich in haptic imagery. I have traced the abusive hand of Robert…
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Dreaming of Hands

It has been a while since my last post, so a few updates on my thesis progress are definitely in order. The last few weeks have been rich, challenging, exciting and exhausting. They have also crucially re-angled my thesis. Here are a few essential new details about my project:


First-Hand Experience: My Research Trip to London

First-Hand Experience I’ve just returned from a fantastic research trip to London so a few updates are in order! This trip was dedicated to providing some important historical background context for my honors thesis on the role of touch, arms and hands in Victorian literature. Going into this trip, I had a few central questions…
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What It Feels Like to Be George Eliot

It’s another month into my research, and I’m excited to report that it’s been a rich time of growth for my project. The last few weeks have been dedicated to exploring haptic interaction in one of my chosen novels; George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss. Hands and arms are mentioned in almost every chapter…
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Open Mind, Open Hands

This week marks my first official week of Honors Thesis research! It has been a week filled with note-taking, reading, re-reading, questions and excitement as I begin this project. I committed this week to deep diving into Peter Capuano’s Changing Hands, the only book dedicated to exploring the role of hands in Victorian literature. Published…
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