The Statistics Saga

For the last two weeks, I have been involved in the data analysis portion of my project. I have dubbed it “The Microsoft Excel Saga” as Excel has been my vitriolic best bud over the course of August.


An Uninspired Title for My July Post

I’ve spent a hectic July in and out of the tissue culture room. During this time, I switched out my old wild-type rat thyroid hormone receptor with human TR and had to rework the concentrations I was using in my transfection procedure. Nevertheless, it was generally a painless process, whose only impediment was my hatred of long decimals that cannot be divided…
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What Has Happened in June?

Research Update My initial month of research has dealt with expressing my mutant thyroid hormone receptor, A382PfsX7, and a wild-type TRa1 within HeLa cells. (For the curious, “HeLa” denotes an immortal human cell line often used in scientific research. These cells were derived from Henrietta Lacks, who died of cancer back in 1951.)


Getting to know Ala382ProfsX7

I’m back on campus to begin summer research! My return to Williamsburg was heralded by high humidity and rain. But before I get the ball rolling on my project, I’ve decided to post a bit more background info on my research. I’m studying thyroid hormone receptors (TR) which are a type of nuclear receptor. I…
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Abstract: Localization of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Mutant Ala382ProfsX7

Thyroid hormone (TH) is received by thyroid hormone receptors (TRs), resulting in ligand-dependent activation or inhibition of TH-target genes. I will be working with a mutant form of thyroid hormone receptor alpha 1. This mutant (dubbed Ala382ProfsX7) has been implicated in Resistance to Thyroid Hormone Syndrome (RTH). Patients with RTH experience a variety of symptoms, such…
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