Summer Refugee Research: A Story to Tell

I have been on the move all summer. During my time abroad, the longest that I remained stationary in one country was twelve days. Most of my research involved personal interviews with refugees, international conferences, and meeting with people from all across Europe to discuss international refugee policy and religion (and trust me, the combination…
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Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland: The Refugee Crisis in Europe

A large portion of my summer research has been devoted to travel. While based out of Vienna, I traveled to Sofia, Bulgaria to represent the United States and Austria at the European Baptist Federation’s Annual Missions Commission Meeting. Much of the refugee work and integration programs that are being implemented across Europe are sponsored by…
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Is this the Theology Library or the Catacombs? Refugee Research in Vienna, Austria

My summer of research and study began on May 23, and I have not stopped reading, writing, and interviewing since. Because my project is focused on understanding how Christian refugees perceive of crisis, theology, and faith, I have been spending my time working with local Christian organizations here in Vienna. My days tend to follow…
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Christianity During Times of Crisis

As a deeply moral and ethical religion, Christian theology is often consulted during times of crisis. One of the largest moral issues facing our world today is the European refugee crisis. There are more displaced people today than ever recorded in human history. As tensions in the Middle East continue to rise, millions are fleeing…
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