Back in the ‘burg

The last few weeks in Maine were really productive. We had a lot of early mornings as we crunched to collect as many hemichordates as possible before we left.


Still Digging!

My summer research is still plugging along with long days in both the lab and in the field. Unfortunately my hemichordate patch is about an hour away (including a short hike into the site), so I’ve had to be very strategic about when I go and how many hemichordates I collect each time. But, its…
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So far, so muddy


Investigating intertidal zonation on the coast of Maine using acorn worms as a model system

Hi! My name is Kharis Schrage and I am a biology major and marine science minor from Alexandria, Virginia. I have been in Dr. Jon Allen’s lab since my freshman year, and am currently investigating the intertidal donation of acorn worms on the York River.