Final Preparations For Data Analysis

I apologize that it has been quite awhile since I updated. The end of last semester was filled with classes and applying to graduate school, so my thesis sort of took a back seat. As this semester will be light in terms of class load and most of my applications are submitted, I begin the…
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Showcase Findings

With classes, volunteering, and preparing grad school applications, things have been pretty hectic, but I’ve made some progress with my thesis. Creating a poster for the Summer Research Showcase was a good way to look at some preliminary findings. I used the questionnaires to compare different socialization practices between mothers and fathers, and different regulation…
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Now to write…

Wow, I need to get better about posting on time. Anyway, after leaving W&M, I spent the rest of my summer writing my introduction. It was a lot more difficult than I anticipated. Some parts weren’t bad, considering I took extensive notes, but I struggled the most with deciding what my hypotheses would focus on.…
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Codes and Questions

Since I last left you, we have been coding our videos and transcriptions using a variety of criteria. The first is event coding, in which we organize the participant discussions based on the types of events children indicated made them mad or sad. The most common theme for anger was peer conflict, either someone at…
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Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty

Research-wise, the past few weeks have been focused on wrapping up data collection, so we’ve brought in our last few participants. After our last family this weekend, we will be done with a respectable total in the mid 100s. It’s truly the end of an era, but now this means we get to focus on…
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