March Update, Learning About Writing (More than Before)

Usually when I write these posts, I try to write a small essay on one area that I have been researching. For this post, I’d like to give more of a reflection on writing itself. As I come closer and closer to the end of the project, I’ve moved more from researching to writing (although…
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January Things

As I’ve been working on this thesis that investigates the relationship between the Odyssey and Second Sophistic (1st- 3rd century AD) texts – in particular, Heliodorus’ Ethiopian Story, I’ve been focusing more and more on particular characters and relationships, particularly a comparison of the relationships of Athena and Odysseus in the Odyssey and Kalasiris and…
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Going Deeper into Heliodorus and the Odyssey

So, my last post talked about investigating ancient novels.  I’ve been turning my attention to more deeply focusing on one novel: Heliodorus’ Aithiopika.  There are more than a few avenues of research worth investigating, even in the realm of the Aithiopika and intertext with other works, particularly the Odyssey.  Those include the author’s narrative strategy…
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Investigating Ancient Novels (Who Knew Those Were a Thing?)

Over the summer, I dove into a whole bunch of texts from the Second Sophistic (that is, Greek literature from the first to third centuries A.D., AKA “Imperial Greek Literature” since it happens at the same time that the Roman emperors rule the Mediterranean).  Anyway, one genre among many (oratory, philosophy, satire, etc.) from that…
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Voyages and Homecomings in Imperial Greek Literature

Hello, my name is Lauren Wood, and I am a rising senior majoring in Greek.  This summer, I am excited to begin research on Greek literature under the Roman Empire!  I plan to research how authors of this period incorporate themes from past literary traditions into their own works in new and innovative ways. My…
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