October: Busy

Hello again! I’ve basically been pushing out as much data collection as possible so I am so tired.  Luckily I have lots of time to continue to collect data.  So far we we have collected about 60 participants (YAY!). So I am more than halfway done with my goal to have 100 before I start…
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September: Work, Work, Work.

Hello again! September have been full of data collection!!!! I’ve been interviewing tons of children and their mothers about friend ship and their emotions.  It’s too early to really look at data at the moment, however, I hope I will be able to start doing so in November.  Meanwhile, I have been looking at Graduate…
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July: The Month of Developments!

Hello Everyone! July flew by so fast! I had a blast staying on campus this month working on my thesis.  I finally starting recruiting participants to complete my study, which is very exciting!  So far we have had a lot of success getting families to participate and all is well!  A lot of my time…
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Reading, Writing, and Relaxing.

Hello all! I’ve been busy this June reading up on literature that can help me write my thesis.  Plenty of research articles and theoretic articles as well!  So far, I’ve read a decent amount so I have a pretty set background about all of the Psychology research that could interplay with my work!  As a…
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Starting the Journey of My Project: Emotion Regulation, Friendship Quality, and Depression in Adolescents

Hello all!I am Laurel Brockenberry!  I have just finished my last exams for the semester at William and Mary! Even though the semester has ended, I am still expanding my knowledge though my Honors Project! I am currently at home starting to further pull together the concept of my project.  I think the most important…
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