Defended and Completed

Wow. I find myself at the end of an incredible (and incredibly enlightening) journey. I defended my thesis and it went swimmingly, resulting in me receiving Highest Honors. I have a few loose ends to wrap up and beyond that, I’m done.


Home Stretch

4 months of ethnographic research. 26 books. Countless hours of consolidation and writing. One unexpected major rewrite.


On The Page

Well, it’s on the paper. I don’t know if it’s any good (come on, important people, please don’t hate it!), and there are a few things I know I have to revise (introductions? Never heard of ’em.) But it’s on the paper, and that’s the hard part, right?


Nose, Meet Grindstone

Spring of 2017, I spent my days in hectic motion, trying to keep track of a multitude of deadlines and responding to all the surprise responsibilities that kept coming up (throwback to “please submit a brief summary” emails that came days before said summary was expected, back when I was still in the existential crisis…
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November in a Blur

Oh wow, how is it December already? November went by in an absolute blur of readings and movies. I counted today and realized I’ve read 20 books so far for this thesis! Most of those I’ve read this semester alone. But I’m so close to being done with my research. I have 3 books, 4…
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