Last Wednesday, I had my defense and officially finished my honors thesis. I was rather nervous for the defense, but it went better than I had anticipated. I enjoyed being able to talk with my favorite professors about something I had invested so much time and knew so well. It was interesting to get my…
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Almost there!

As March draws to a close, I’m in the final stages of revision. I spent the month writing my conclusion and changing my introduction. I didn’t realize how much the trajectory of the project and grown and changed until I read the thesis as a whole. I re-wrote my introduction to reflect the new scope…
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I  am in the process of revising my third chapter, which centers on confessors and penitents in false saints’ lives. After editing a few drafts, I have strengthened my main argument of the chapter, which is that it is necessary to expand our notion of what spiritual influence could be in Catholics’ lives. I have…
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Chapter Three

Now that I’m back on campus, I am working on finishing up chapter three of my thesis. For this chapter, I am focusing on how the confessor-penitent relationship factored into false sanctity. The secondary scholarship I am responding to, Anne Schutte’s Aspiring Saints, fails to really address this topic. This is all the more interesting,…
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An Honors Fellow Abroad

I just got back from two weeks in Siena, Italy. I studied Italian in an intensive language program. Although I was not doing research in Siena, the trip did immensely strengthen my Italian, which will be helpful as I continue to translate Inquisition trials. I was taking five hours of Italian a day, which paid…
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