July Update: Wrapping Up Lit Search

My literature search is gradually becoming the introduction to my honors thesis as I begin to piece together the many articles I have been reading over the summer. I am hoping to uncover a few more articles focused on the effect of mentorship on women, especially after being involved in a career mentor program over…
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What’s new with mentoring?

Hello from the research rock I currently live under! I have spent a large portion of my time so far compiling and analyzing all of the previous studies that have looked at the Add Health data. Many of these studies were conducted with a very specific sample such as foster children, sexual minority youth and…
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Overview for Emerging Adult Mentoring and Career Outcomes

Having a mentor, whether a formally assigned mentor or an inform al mentoring relationship, has a diverse array of positive effects on youth and adolescents. Previous studies have indicated that being able to identify at least one mentor predicts improved psychological and educational outcomes for youth, including higher self-efficacy, high school completion and resiliency. Much of the…
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