End of Thesis is so near!

March has simply flown by, and I cannot imagine how the time has slipped past me. I am nearing the end of the process, I have a draft of methods and results written up and now it is time to move on to writing and introduction as well as discussion section. I am slightly delayed…
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Final Semester!

So many apologies, I’ve been absent since November I think…maybe December. Oh well, it has been a long time regardless! I am finally in the stages of data analysis. I won’t reveal anything until the end of the month when I have more formal preliminary results, but cool things are happening! A side note about…
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Approaching Finals and Writing

It is the last week of classes, and I am in the middle of running the samples for HPLC. I cannot believe how long trouble shooting the HPLC process took, but at least it is finally getting done now! I am expecting to stay during part of winter break to get into some of the…
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How is October already over?

This is what all of the work over the summer turns into eventually, this tiny 0.5mL sample of extracted plant tissue. This month I focused on fine-tuning the extraction technique (which is what I do to convert the freeze dried plant sample into a form suitable to run through HPLC). After a 2 day procedure…
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Looking forward to improving problem-solving skills…

So the semester is in full swing with midterms, HPLC, and data analysis. Just in time for the summer research symposium (which I will be presenting for tomorrow!) I finished going through the data for latex for milkweeds in the greenhouse. I found no correlation between density and latex exudation, as well as no significant…
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