When Will Our Reflections Show / Who They Are Inside

It’s strange to be nearing the end of my undergraduate experience now, during this unseasonably warm October, when everyone else still has an entire semester after this one before graduating. I can hardly comprehend how quickly the end is approaching! If there are any other spring-fall students out there reading this, know you are not…
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Humans are animals, but when are animals human?

Although it’s wonderful to be back in Williamsburg, I miss Boulder quite a lot. I’ve stopped watching films and am focusing on writing the outline and body of my thesis now, and honestly I’m experiencing major writer’s block (any tips on how to overcome this would be much appreciated). But I’m hoping that writing this…
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Are Fish Friends or Food? Depends on the movie…

I’ll let you in on a secret – I’m only writing this post now because The Boat (one of our cats – long story) just got in my lap and none of my reading material is within reach.


Bambi’s mother didn’t die after all

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying your research! It’s 90 degrees here in Boulder and 23% humidity – a different kind of hot than what I experienced while doing field work in swampy, humid Williamsburg last summer. It’s actually been quite the summer for facing weather extremes and natural disasters as…
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Animating Animals from Gertie the Dinosaur to Finding Dory

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your summers! After driving halfway across the continent, dodging tornados and flash floods, we (me, my partner, and our three cats) finally made it to Boulder, Colorado, our home until August. It’s a beautiful location for research – whenever I need to rest my eyes from reading or…
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