Trip to the Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

I finally got to go on my research trip to New York City this past weekend and I have just returned – tired feet and all. My phone says I took over 81,000 steps – move over, Usain Bolt. This trip was essential to the writing of my thesis, since all of the action in…
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Far From Funny

Since I am writing a comedy novel, all of my blog posts here have had their humorous elements. This isn’t one of those. It’s easy to write comedy when you know what you’re writing about (flying pigs, jiggly cheesecake, the rare Harrison Ford reference). A lot has happened since my last post. I have read…
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June Update: Books, Books, and You Guessed It: Books

It is now June and a bit has changed since the last time we chatted. One: my bedroom at home has become less of a room and more of a library for every single female comedian book that has ever been written ever.* And two: I now can recite word for word how every female comedian** felt…
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Summer Update: Tell Me What You Really Think

I have taken all of my exams; I have finished all my papers; I have given my last presentation. To summarize: It is summer and I am free to really get to working on my project!


Tell Me What You Really Think

Hello! My name is Marriya Schwarz. I am a junior, majoring in American Studies with a minor in Creative Writing. For my honors thesis, I am writing a comedic novel, titled Tell Me What You Really Think. It centers around Brooke Anne Dixon, a character with a strong hatred of her name, since her initials spell…
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