June Update: Books, Books, and You Guessed It: Books

It is now June and a bit has changed since the last time we chatted. One: my bedroom at home has become less of a room and more of a library for every single female comedian book that has ever been written ever.* And two: I now can recite word for word how every female comedian** felt…
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Summer Update: Tell Me What You Really Think

I have taken all of my exams; I have finished all my papers; I have given my last presentation. To summarize: It is summer and I am free to really get to working on my project!


Tell Me What You Really Think

Hello! My name is Marriya Schwarz. I am a junior, majoring in American Studies with a minor in Creative Writing. For my honors thesis, I am writing a comedic novel, titled Tell Me What You Really Think. It centers around Brooke Anne Dixon, a character with a strong hatred of her name, since her initials spell…
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