December Update: Thank You and A Little More About Me

Hello everyone and happy holidays! This semester has been a busy one. All of my graduate school applications are in and I have been accepted to two schools. I was able to take advantage of this finals week and work in lab with a similar schedule to this past summer. As we have come to a…
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November Update: Photochemistry and Future Plans

Hello everyone! This semester has been flying by! In lab, I have been collecting photochemical results and helping collect data on our last studies for the manuscript under revision. I have also been applying to graduate schools. My applications for University of California Davis, University of California Irvine and Northwestern University are due tomorrow. My…
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October Update: Photochemistry and Graduate School Applications

Hello everyone! It is crazy that we are already half way through October. My focus in lab has continued to be photochemistry. I am testing conditions for the optimal results and characterizing the ligand. I plan on being in lab more this month so that I can make definitive conclusions about the photochemical perimeters.


September Update: Charles Center Showcase and Starting Fall Research

Hello everyone! This first month of school has been very busy with the start of all of my commitments on campus. I am very grateful that my schedule leaves large blocks of time open so that I can go into lab and accomplish a long protocol in one burst. I have been working on finishing…
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August Update: Wrapping Up Summer Research and National ACS Conference

Hello everyone! Summer research wrapped up in the first week of August. By the end of the summer, I had synthesized my desired ligand, confirmed its structure and executed a preliminary experiment. At the end of the session, my focus was on collecting data for a related photochemistry project. Working alongside with my colleagues Brett…
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