Wrapping up the Semester

Wow! It has been a long time since I posted here and I feel rather guilty at this point. As I mentioned last time, my project had to change significantly and much of the past couple of months have been spent working closely with my advisers to develop and get headway on the new project.…
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Change is a Constant

Hi All, It’s been a while since I’ve written here and quite a bit has happened since last time. I ended up getting ill while in Cameroon and having to come home early. All is fine now, but it did prevent me from collecting data and thus required a dramatic retooling of my project. That…
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Into the Woods

Well today is the last time you will hear from me for awhile. Tomorrow we leave bright and early for the field station. We’ll stay overnight in a village on the outskirts, then set out Wednesday morning on a five-hour trek to the site. I’ll be in the forest for eleven weeks, with plans to come back…
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First Days in Africa

It is now my fourth full day in Cameroon and I must say it is a beautiful country. I am sitting in the office of the Ebo Forest Research Project as I write this, with children playing on the beach below. After several days of resting and getting acquainted with the country today I begin…
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Chimpanzee Termite Fishing in Cameroon

Hi everyone! My name is Mitch Caudill, and this summer I will be traveling to Cameroon to study chimpanzee termite fishing in the Ebo Forest. While there, I will be gathering data for my honors thesis in Anthropology.