Honors Blog Post 9: Writing it up


Honors Blog Post 8: Modeling and Meetings

Over the past month I drafted a grant proposal to the Charles center to investigate an accompanying question to my study: what are the effects of temperature on mud snail mating? Determining the underlying mechanisms controlling mud snail laying may help to inform eelgrass restoration projects about the best time to transplant eelgrass. Additionally I…
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Honors Post 7: Data Munging

As within DNA a frame shift error can have large and often detrimental effects on a data table. I experienced this first hand at the beginning of the month when


Blog Post 6: Halfway there!

“Maturity of mind is the capacity to endure uncertainty” -John Finley   The past month has been defined by uncertainty: both in the form of grad school induced existential dread and quantifying the uncertainty of my summer data. My two main goals of the past month have been to answer the following questions:


Back in the Burg

I believe the crazy final push of summer research and senior year as a whole can be best characterized by the following excerpt from Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson: