Keep it Fresh

I try to put off publishing on this site until I have some substantial breakthrough to discuss.  Alas, the process of making substantial breakthroughs has slowed in recent months.


Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate? Slope Analysis at Renick Run

When I last posted, the summer research season had drawn to a close and I was anticipating the transition from data collection to data analysis.  I had gathered information about channel shape and channel bank strength at 17 places along Renick Run, a small limestone channel near Natural Bridge, VA.  No patterns in channel shape…
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There and Back Again: Renick Run Revisited

At this time last month I had just collected my first set of rock strength data from Renick Run, a small river cutting through limestone in the Virginia Blue Ridge.  I thought I was ready to continue my research at other sites; alas the stars did not align in such a way.  Upon careful analysis,…
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The Roc Boys in the Building Tonight: Our return from bedrock channel field site #1

Geologists tend to savor time “in the field,” which means very different things for different people.  For my research partner, Charlie Shobe, and me, fieldwork involves exploring rivers that form in bedrock.  Charlie and I returned from our first field excursion last Saturday.


Exploring Bedrock Channels

My name is Max Cunningham.  I’m a rising senior, and I like to think of myself as a geologist-in-training.