Thesis Defended Successfully!

On April 10th I nervously approached the History Department Library.  Possible questions flew through my mind as I wondered if I had adequately prepared for all potential committee queries. I expected to be challenged by my defense. I knew it was more than likely that I would not have the answer to at least one…
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Almost There

With a date set for my oral defense, I am feeling the crunch of trying to perfect my thesis. In looking over my thesis, I see all sorts of imperfections start to jump out at me. I know that I will soon have to settle on a version to send to my committee, but in…
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Honors Thesis Colloquium Presentation

Just as I completed my initial rough draft, my thesis was already facing its greatest challenge to date: the honors thesis colloquium presentation. This presentation included a twenty minute summary of my thesis topic and a ten minute question/answer session with the audience. (to include the honors thesis defense committee).


Winter Break Update

           Winter break proved to be just the concentrated amount of time I needed to make concerted progress on my thesis paper. I was able to complete another chapter and begin another section. This leaves me with one and a half chapters left to write. However, with this accomplishment begins a…
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Historical Film: A Multi-Disciplinary Exercise

A historian’s job often entails not only separating fact from fiction, but revealing facts through the historian’s own personal lens as well. No historical primary source is without its bias and this must always be taken into account when writing a historical piece. Nevertheless, film resources face an even greater amount of bias. My thesis…
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