All the Adventures

“Transnational migration is a pattern of migration in which persons, although they move across international borders, settle, and establish relations in a new state, maintain ongoing social connections with the polity from which they originated. In transnational migration people literally live their lives across international borders” (Glick Schiller and Fouron 1999: 344).


Being The Research Instrument

Since my last post I have dove into the interviews and data collection stage of my project. Surprisingly, my chosen method of performing in-depth interviews has placed a lot focus on my role as the researcher almost as much as the information that I’m looking to get from my interviewees. While I spent a large…
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1 Year Anniversary of Independance

As  July comes to a close, it also marks the first year of South Sudan’s independence. Just a year ago I attended the celebration for the birth of the new nation with the South Sudanese community (and  in fact it was this experience that sparked the idea for this research project). Last week once again…
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The Return

Officially I’ve been home from England for a week today.  And the readjustment back into my Northern Virginia home has been an interesting one filled with getting back into the flow of life and fully taking on my research responsibilities. While the idea of the return is a very big topic in the field of…
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Exploring Southern Sudanese Transnational Identity

Hello, My name is Nicole Brown and I’m  a rising a senior Sociology major and history minor at the College.  Among my wide and growing interests within sociology, I also have fostered a strong interest in African history, cultural arts and development. Not only are there various themes within this history of empires, struggles and…
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