Chapter 2: Gender

I have begun the writing process for the second chapter out of three total for the thesis. This chapter deals with how the Japanese avant garde fashion movement has contributed to conceptions of gender identity, specifically in the way in challenges the gender binary. It will be structured in five parts: Introduction to the intersection…
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Preparation and Summation

Recently, I have been working on polishing my presentation of my first chapter, “The Heritage Chapter” for my oral presentation at the Summer Research Symposium. I have drafted a visual presentation and will be discussing the concept of label dropping wherein Japanese designers express a desire to relinquish the prefix “Japanese” from their title of…
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What does it mean to be Japanese?

As the first section of the tentatively three sectioned paper comes to a close, I attempt to answer some larger questions related to identity through the lens of Fashion. Fashion is a particularly effective and unique means of examining national identity and heritage because of the somewhat “global” nature of the fashion circuit, as well…
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A Kimono and a Recluse

Doing research on one of the most reclusive designers has its ups and downs. Despite having permanently altered the way in which critical fashion theory understands the human silhouette and clothing’s functionality at its core, Rei Kawakubo lives her life without explanation. She has completely isolated herself from celebrity status in its conventional sense as…
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A Justification

If anything in these first few weeks of continual reading has made itself apparent, it is the undeniable importance of the link between the clothing we wear and the way we carry ourselves as individuals, members of homogenized or cultural groups or even as entire nations. All too often, the academic and artistic underpinnings of…
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