Questions, questions, questions…

With more than half of the summer gone by, I still have more questions than answers regarding my molecule, eosin y (EY), and its properties. When I last left off, I was trying to figure out how the pH dependence impacts the structure and how I could isolate just one form of the dye. It…
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Preliminary Measurements

My first two weeks of research have been very busy. Since I am investigating a new family of dyes, which the lab has not worked with before, I have a lot of preliminary data to collect before I can begin. This has mostly involved figuring out the laser parameters that maximize the fluorescent intensities of…
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Investigating Solar Cell Efficiencies

By 2050, the global energy demand is expected to grow to 27.6 TW. As the contribution of fossil fuels to climate change is better understood, the need for renewable, affordable, efficient, and low-carbon energy sources is rapidly growing. Solar energy is an abundant, carbon-neutral energy resource, which can be converted into electricity or fuel. One…
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