The End?

Just over one year ago, the thesis process was beginning, specifically with this blog. This is the twelfth and penultimate post. My project is beginning to wrap up and will be officially finished within just a couple of weeks. Reflecting on my thoughts a year ago, I recall the excitement of what was to come. The crazy…
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An Argument

While I’ve been writing, I’ve been following a broad theme centered on radio criminalization over time. However, I’ve been struggling to find a succinct, one-line argument that sums up the whole project. Fortunately, I participated in the colloquium last week. Having to prepare an oral presentation for my committee made me sit down and think critically…
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Wow. Here we are, the last semester of senior year. And with that, my goals for my thesis are moving into the next stage, which is trying to tie all my research together. So far, I have been building a chronology out of my primary source research, supplementing it with secondary texts. While the chronology spans 50…
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Translation Troubles

Something that hadn’t quite occurred to me before I began the writing process was how tricky translation can be. I took a class on Spanish-English translation this semester, which really helped me understand methods and approaches. We worked on translating fairly freely, taking specific liberties in content and style to maintain the general feel of the piece.…
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The Complexities

Something that has dawned on me in the writing process is the difficulty of capturing reality. What makes history magical and captivating is in part its reliance on perspective and context and the way moments become more and more whole as more perspectives and contexts come together. As a result, history is a really, really tricky…
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