Analysis Phase

After a supremely busy semester and a somewhat hectic winter break, I have finally begun analyzing the results of my experiment.  I’m starting by calculating basic proportions to see relationships between the structure of a prime that a participant experienced and the structure of the sentence completion they wrote.  Participants experienced an equal amount of…
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Presenting My Research

Just yesterday, I had the chance to give a talk on my honors research to a group of linguistics faculty and students.  It was part of an ongoing effort by the Linguistics Program for both students and professors to present their research projects (in whatever stage they’re in).  Every week, someone who is or will…
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Finally finishing data collection!

As I said in my last post in August, I had hit very few obstacles in my research process.  Since the start of the fall semester, this has not exactly held true.  As expected, time has not been entirely on my side in terms of progressing with my research due to courses and other commitments. …
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Data Collection

After piloting the initial form of my experiment with 20 participants, I was able to collect data from 27 more using a version of the experiment that was improved with the hope of yielding more accurate results.  My goal is to collect data from 9 more participants with this newer iteration of the experiment, which…
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Ready for Participants

As we reach the middle of July, I am finally ready to begin conducting the experimental portion of my research with human participants!  I encountered a few complications while creating my stimuli and determining how they will be presented in the experiment, but I am not too far behind the schedule I intended to follow. …
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