Honors Project, October Update!

Welcome back, kind reader! In my last post, I mentioned several ways that we can continue testing why E‘ is looking strange. I have been working on placing cuts on the data to determine which parameters might be affecting E’.


Honors Project, September Update!

Hello, once again! I realize that I have been neglecting this blog, but we have been making progress during my silence.


Honors Project, August Update!


Honors Project, July Update!

Hello, kind reader. Since my last blog post, I have continued my eternal battle with ROOT. In addition to creating histograms of the Q2 distribution, I have also been making plots of the scattering angle, θ, and the scattered energy of the particles, E’. The scattering angle describes the angle from horizontal that the electrons…
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Honors project, June update!

Hello, kind reader. My apologies for not submitting a blog post sooner, but I have just begun doing some interesting work for my summer project. For the vast majority of May, I was finishing my final exams at the University of St. Andrews and then returning to the country after a year abroad.