Overview of BM Archives Research

With classes starting in nearly two weeks, it’s time to wrap everything up by sharing my findings with you.  My time in the British Museum Archives really helped open my eyes about the institution, and revealed that many preconceptions are somewhat unfair. For example, the idea that the Museum goes out and steals artifacts from…
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First Post-Archives Thoughts

As the new semester begins to dawn over the horizon, I’m back in the US fresh from the British Museum. Archives research is quite a tedious process, involving lots and lots of reading of information that is frankly useless to my project, and that’s without mentioning the indecipherable handwriting. However, I was able to find…
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Shelley’s “Ozymandias”

The past few weeks have been mostly just reading, from historical texts and documents to poems and literature, and making connections between them. The first of these came in the shower, the best place I find for coming up with ideas. I wasn’t even thinking of my project, when out of nowhere I realized the…
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The British Museum Archives

Hello everyone. In my first post I mentioned that part of my research is going to take place in the archives of the British Museum. However, at that time I was not entirely sure what would be in there. Well, I’ve spoken with Stephanie, the head archivist at the Central Archive, and set up an…
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Literature and the British Museum

Hello everyone, my name is Rory Sullivan, a rising Senior here at the College. I am an English major, and my work this summer is research for my Honors Thesis, which is looking at the relationship between literature and the British Museum. The British Museum is an iconic institution of Western culture, making it a…
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