August Update

After countless failures during this summer, something finally seems to work. I have finally synthesized a precursor to my newly proposed ligand design on the very last day of the summer research session. I am optimistic that this is a correct step and will lead to results. The successful synthesis of this precursor will lead…
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July Blog Post–An Alternative Approach

My recent attempts to perform the aromatic substitution have not been particularly successfully. Therefore, I have been looking up alternative procedures to achieve the pendant amine. Initial tests of new procedures on the unsubstituted ligand yielded little amount of product. To work around this, I decided to use the same procedure on the precursor of…
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June Update

During the last month of research, I have found ways to successfully obtain products of the second part of my ligand synthesis. However, I had a lot of trouble trying to purify my crude product to proceed to the next step. Therefore, my next stage of work will be optimizing the ratio of reactants to…
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Experiments started

  I came back from the break a few days before the summer research started, so I spent some time organizing myself and figuring out the logistics for my synthesis. After discussing some experimental protocols with my adviser, I found out the reason for the unsuccessful reactions during the last semesters, and worked out a…
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Abstract: Investigation of the Catalytic Activity of an Earth-abundant Metal Complex for Proton Reduction

A new generation of solar technology, water-splitting dye sensitized photoelectrochemical cells (WS-DSPECs), have been developed  in hope to address the shortcomings of photovoltaic solar cells. A typical WS-DSPEC as depicted in the figure below, harnesses solar energy at the anode which oxidizes water to oxygen and transfer the electrons to the cathode for proton reduction…
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