Arranging the Harvest: The Struggle to Bring It All Together

Hello friends, It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these, and that being the case I think we’re long overdue for one.  I believe when I wrote last I was recapping my Groot-Navorsing-Trek up the highways and by-ways of the Northeast in search of archival records.  That trip was–I admit without shame–a blast,…
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The Great Research Trek and its Aftermath!

My, my, do I have a lot to report today!  I haven’t posted in a while so I do beg your forgiveness if you were waiting with bated breath for the next installment of my narrative here, though the delay of course is not due to lassitude but rather industry, as for the better part…
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Let’s Talk About the Transvaal Question: What the War Was, and Why We Cared (Part II of II)

Hello there, I promised y’all this post last month, so I suppose it’s important to follow up on my promises here.  You all have doubtless been on tenterhooks for weeks wanting to know what the Jameson Raid was.  Lying awake in bed at night, a strange mustachioed apparition calling himself John Hays Hammond has been…
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Let’s Talk About the Transvaal Question: What the War Was, and Why We Cared (Part I of II)

Hello all, The past few weeks have been extremely busy, with newspapers, manuscripts and the books of the time continually offering up gems to Your Intrepid Reporter.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I can delve into them without explaining the fundamentals of South African history first (unfortunately, because writers in the late 19th century felt the…
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(Re)discovering Rhythms

The script goes something like this: “So, what are you up to this summer?”