Day Before Defense

So, I am defending my thesis tomorrow. Crazy. I can’t decide whether I should review everything or just give my brain a break heading into it. So I’m compromising by updating this and doing some *light* philosophical reading. Now to get a good night’s sleep and eat a solid breakfast in the morning. Hurray! Here’s…
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Bye March!

Goodness – I cannot believe that it is almost April. I have been inundated with work these last few months, working hard on my honors thesis, organizing a philosophy conference, figuring out where to go to grad school, finishing up the requirements for my psychology major, taking a philosophy seminar on rules (for fun!), and…
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Semester Roundup

Are we seriously in the last week of classes already? This semester has flown by. I have had quite a bit going on in addition to writing my honors thesis—applying to grad school in particular comes to mind—but these are all good things.


Summery Summary

Alas, I am nearing the end of my summer research.  As an RA, I head back to school on Thursday to begin training on Friday.  I am genuinely blown away by how fast this summer went by.  For someone whose days were primarily spent reading philosophy article after philosophy article (with the occasional psychology article…
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A Brief Note on the Coherence of Constitutive Luck

Lately I’ve been thinking about luck, mostly because I think luck is really the driving force behind most arguments against free will and moral responsibility.  The basic thought here is that we usually think that in order for someone to be morally responsible for something, they must have been in control of it.  The thing…
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