Thinking out loud about evolution and anger

Time since my last post has consisted of quite a bit of reading, outlining, and, well, lots of thinking.  Thinking about what?  What I’m arguing for, how exactly it differs from positions other people have defended, and how  best to argue for it.  While nothing very significant has changed about my formulation of consequentialist compatibilism,…
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Mapping the Terrain

In my previous post, I promised that I would elaborate on the consequentialist compatibilist thesis, which I then vaguely described as the view that the justifiability of holding people responsible is somehow tied to whether holding them responsible produces beneficial consequences.  There are a number of ways this relationship might be understood.  This post represents…
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What Do You Mean, “Morally Responsible”?

Even within philosophical debates, the term “responsibility” is exceptionally ambiguous.  In order to forestall the perpetual worry that I might be talking past my opponents, one of the first tasks I’ve set out for myself this summer is to clarify what it is I aim to be giving an account of when I say I…
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Rehabilitating the Consequentialist View of Moral Responsibility

Hello everyone!  My name is Adam Lerner, and I’m a junior here at the College majoring in both philosophy and psychology.  Although I’m officially doing my honors thesis in the philosophy department, finding satisfactory answers to the questions I’ll be pursuing will also require getting out of my philosophical armchair and conducting some empirical research…
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