It’s a Nano World

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve been planning to incorporate my dye into conjugated polymer nanoparticles. Basically, these strands of polymer form a spherical shape in water and the idea is that by adding the dye to the solution containing these nanos, it will be incorporated into the nano particle. The reason…
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Catwalk for Molecular Models

Now that I’m back on campus, I’ve been playing with some things in lab but the majority of my work has actually been occurring out of the lab. That is, I’ve been running a program called Gaussian, which is a computation chemistry software I’m using to optimize the structure of my molecules. Wait, what? Basically,…
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December Updates and the Glory of Regressions

A massive part of my project involves predicting the pKa of a molecule. Making a substance and finding its experimental pKa are all very well and good but a good portion of science is explaining our results. I want to know how to model these differences in pKa based on the properties of the attached…
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November Updates or How I’m Slowly Losing My Mind

With applications to my desired graduate programs all primarily due January 1st, I had hoped to have all of them submitted by December. Unfortunately that did not occur but I only have one left. Regrettably, the programs to which I am applying do not accept the common app so it has been a major hassle…
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Flex that Steric Bulk

I have data! By that I mean, I’ve finished titrations on all of my di-ortho compounds and have their average pKa values. Excel and I have become well acquainted with each other for the past couple weeks as I analyzed my data. Since we have determined that both sterics and electronics play a role in…
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