Research Reflections: The Final Stages

On this first day of November, I am only five weeks away from defending my thesis and six weeks away from graduating from William and Mary altogether. I cannot believe that my work on William Carlos Williams is actually nearing completion, and that my time at William and Mary is drawing to a close. These…
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Milestones in the Writing Process

The beginning of October has seen some awesome developments in my project, and I am feeling quite proud and excited about my progress! In early September, I started the actual writing process for my paper—working on the draft in individual “chunks” corresponding to the various arguments that make up my larger, central claim. As my…
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Milestones in Research: From Reading to Writing

In this first full week of classes, I have met my thesis advisor to get the ball rolling for the completion of my project at the end of the semester! The most exciting milestone I have accomplished in the past few days is the major transition between the two main stages of my project: reading and writing. Beginning…
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Professionalism vs. Empathy: Conflicts Shaping my Claim

In the final week of summer, I have made enormous progress in my research on communication and exchange in the doctor-patient relationship of William Carlos Williams’s medical narratives . Within the past two weeks, I have re-read and done further analysis on all of his short stories, and also read a few key pieces of scholarship—specifically…
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Investigations in the Library

As the month of July draws to a close, I am preparing for an exciting stage in my research on William Carlos Williams and his medical narratives. Throughout the summer, I have been reading Williams’s works and the accompanying scholarship as a means of drawing conclusions about his writing style and views on literature, medicine,…
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