(Late) – Summer Science Symposium

Two weeks ago was the Summer Science Symposium. Everyone who received Charles Center funding for the summer, including all honors fellowships, presented their research. Overall, it was an excellent opportunity to practice talking about my research, as well as hear about other interesting projects.


End of Summer Updates

I have had a very productive summer of honors research. In early June, I set goals for myself of writing a draft of my introduction, and exploring different statistical analyses. Two months later, I am happy to say that I have made significant progress.


July Updates: Actor Partner Interdependence Modeling

The past month has been full of exciting progress. I have been busy conducting follow-up sessions with the adolescents in our longitudinal sample, working on my literature search and introduction, and learning a new type of statistical analysis.


Expanding my Focus

I am finishing up my first week of full time research after returning from studying abroad, and it is exciting to be back in my lab. One my lab’s main goals for this summer is to finish data collection for Time 3 of our longitudinal study, which I will be using in my project. My…
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Peer Emotion Socialization and the Development of Aggressive Behavior in Adolescence

Peers play a significant role in the development of aggressive behavior in children and adolescents by reinforcing and socializing anti-social behavior (Snyder et al., 2005). The socialization of emotional expressivity has also been identified as a strong influence on adolescent behavioral problems, including aggression (Garner, Dunsmore, & Southam-Gerrow, 2008). However, most emotion socialization research has…
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