Summary of November

Hi guys, It’s been some time, but I’ve been swamped with thesis things and so I thought now might be nice to give a few quick updates of what I’ve been up to. First I’ll start off with the month of November.


Return to the ‘burg

Hello authentic admirers, Liked the new alliteration? Or was the greeting too narcissistic? I felt that “admirers” was too strong of a label for readers, but I was running out of options. I’ll switch it up in my next post.


The final third

Hello again everyone, I know! So soon! This is my way of keeping all of my readers on their toes: I post pretty regularly, then disappear, and THEN I bombard the blog newsfeed with all that’s happened in the Allen lab.


The return: a delayed 2/3 update!

Hello faithful followers, I know it’s been some time since my last blog post, but I am finally able to sit down long enough to compose yet another blog post to keep you informed on my research.


Experimental Adventures in the SJI

Hello again faithful followers, Last blog post I braced you all for the experiments I was starting up. And in that time frame I’ve run about 10 experiments. “Wow, that’s a lot!” you think, which true. However, most of the experiments I’ve conducted were for the purpose of obtaining more information regarding the development of…
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