“Classical Medievalism:” A Term of my Own Invention

Over the course of my research, I’ve been trying to find an appropriate term to encapsulate Henry Fielding’s utilization of both the epic tradition and the tradition of medieval romance. Most of the scholarly work I’ve read deals with these influences independently. They analyze the effect of epic and cite examples, and then they do the…
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Henry Fielding’s Politics: An Enigma

Since I arrived in Williamsburg on June 12th, I spend most of my days the same way. I find a bench around campus and start sifting through the immense body of work concerning the development of the novel in the English language. While these studies are indeed very helpful for broadening my background knowledge, they lack…
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Britain and the Continent: Henry Fielding and the Idea of Europe

“The mere English Reader may have a different Idea of Romance with the Author of these little Volumes; and may consequently expect a kind of Entertainment not to be found, nor which was even intended, in the following Pages; it may not be improper to premise a few Words concerning this kind of Writing, which…
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