August and the New Semester

Hello Everyone! It’s good to be back at school! Soon I will be back in the lab getting rolling on a few new ideas.  During the last week of summer research, we discovered that our protein digestion procedure was not optimal for ArsR.  Our proteolytic enzyme, trypsin, which breaks our protein into smaller peptides for…
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Summary and Continuing Goals

Hello Everyone, The summer research session is drawing to a close, so I’d like to give one more update about my progress and put forth some goals for the beginning of the semester.


A June Update

As we’ve been trying to get our nanospray source running properly in these first 5 weeks of research, we’ve learned a lot.  Importantly, we’ve found that nanospray needles have short lifetimes.  Instead of continuing to purchase them, we’ve been practicing fabricating our own by melting fused silica tubing with a microtorch and pulling it apart…
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Back to it!

Hello! I’ve just worked my first day for the summer here at William and Mary, and I’m excited to be getting back to work.  Today, we went over safety procedures and laid out expectations for summer research.  Additionally, more progress has been made on the ionization source of the LTQ mass spectrometer; I should be…
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A Bottom-Up Proteomics Study of Cancer Contributor, H. pylori

Hello! My name is Theresa Gozzo.  I’m a chemistry major and biochemistry minor, and I’ll be conducting honors research under Professor Poutsma and Professor Forsyth this summer.  I want to thank everyone again who helped support my project! I am so excited to get started!