Back to School

Hello everyone, Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have been very busy studying for the GRE and then taking it right before school started (I was actually taking it during the earthquake!). I have also been working on applications for math graduate school and have a list of 13 schools that I may…
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Non-trivial equilibria and evidence of bistability

Since I last updated you all on my progress, we have made a few changes and have gone considerably further in our analysis of the mathematical model for the blue crab population.


Just a quick hello

Hello everyone! I have been back on campus for a couple days now and am just starting to get fully immersed back into working on my Blue Crab Model full-time again. I’ll just give you a heads-up of where we think we are headed this summer and our goals.


A mathematical approach to studying the Blue Crab

Hello everyone! My name is Tim Becker and I am about to enter my senior year here at the College. I am a mathematics major and I love anything to do with math, sports, reading, and nature. I’d like to just give you a brief introduction into how I became so caught up in mathematics,…
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