Writing writing writing

So the time of thesis defenses is almost upon us! I will be presenting my work on April 24th at 2pm. I have completed a first draft and am currently in editing mode! Woohoo!


PLAS time!

Hello! So it may have become apparent that blogging on time is not my forte. I apologized. Last semester I completed 10 medical schools interviews and not nearly enough research. So now it’s crunch time.


Wait, it’s November!?

Yeah…so blogging on time seems to be a shortcoming of mine. I shall try to post again in November to make up for October. Or maybe I’ll just post like 6 in April to throw everyone off their game (joke).


And so it begins…

Well, the semester is officially started. I am incredibly swamped with my TA job, medical school interviews, classes, and the 40 billion officer positions I decided would be a good idea to take on my senior year. Research is being put on the back burner currently, but I’m almost caught up with things, so it…
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Cancer complications

Once again it seems that I have trouble remembering blogging deadlines…this summer has just flown by! Since my last post I have taken the MCAT and written SO MANY medical school essays. I have made some progress on my model.