Summer Institute in Political Psychology


Reading, planning, and training

Happy 5th of July! With visions of fireworks, barbecue, and red, white, and blue behind us, I suppose it’s time for another update.  Since I last wrote, I have kept busy and continued reading for my literature review.  Since the fledgling stage of this project I have read about 60 articles and book excerpts.  Naturally…
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Reading, reading, reading

For the past few weeks I’ve been hitting the books (or databases) working toward a literature review for my project.  I had already done quite a bit of reading before the summer began, so a lot of time was spent searching for new articles and trying to triangulate findings from other studies.  Because my study…
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The Impact of Social Pressure on Political Conformity

Welcome! My name is Taylor Feenstra and I will be updating this blog periodically as I work on my honors thesis.  I’m a rising senior at the College majoring in Public Policy and Psychology. My research aims to connect the two and I am very interested in connecting principles and methods from psychology to political…
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