Gender, Gender, on the Wall – Who’s the Most Feminine of Them All?

Hello all! Research has been productive and fulfilling this summer. I have run 37 participants for my honors thesis and look forward to collecting more data in the fall, as well as training undergrad research assistants on the protocol. My PI and I will submit a manuscript for publication by the end of this week,…
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Starting the Summer Strong (feat. thoughts on Psychology, Academia, and Social Justice)

Hello! Thanks again to everyone who has shown interest and provided support for my honors project. The summer has started off strong: I finalized my experimental procedure, set up all the tasks and surveys, and as I write this I have ran 25 participants. Because I did full-time research last summer too, the whole process…
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Feed Your Feelings: Preventing Disordered Eating through Emotion Regulation (Abstract)

Research has found that those with eating disorders engage in self-destructive eating behaviors to cope with overwhelming negative emotions, suggesting that these unhealthful patterns of food consumption serve as maladaptive emotion regulation mechanisms. Emotion regulation refers to an individual’s ability to understand, manage, and modify their emotions in healthful ways. Through my honors research, I…
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