August Report – In Defense of Property Dualism

After talking with my advisor, we found some really interesting points that can either support or diminish my argument.


July Report: In Defense of Property Dualism

I’ve finish the initial draft of the paper I mentioned in my June report and also met with my advisor discussing the paper. The ideas in the draft turned out promising and the meeting was very helpful.


June Report: In Defense of Property Dualism

I have made significant progress on my thesis in June. I found a very interesting paper by Bailey’s (2006), Zombies, epiphenomenalism, and physicalist theories of consciousness, in which he argues that the conceivability of zombies presupposes epiphenomenalism in our world, and since epiphenomenalism is wrong in our world, zombies are not conceivable.


May Report – In Defense of Property Dualism

So far I have been correspond with my advisor and decided what to do first. I have already started with Saul Kripke’s famous book Naming and Necessity. This is one of the most important philosophy works in the 20th century and develops an influential version of essentialism, that things are necessarily made of what they…
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Abstract: In Defense of Property Dualism

In my honors thesis I defend David Chalmers’ argument for property dualism. Thos topic concerns the renowned “mind-body problem,” which has been hotly debated for hundreds of years. The problem concerns the relation between mind (or the mental) and body (or the physical), i.e. whether they exist independently of one another or whether the existence of…
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