Pictures and new semester

I have finally returned to the College and am back into the swing of things. The start of the school year was a bit rocky because of hurricane Florence and William and Mary being evacuated, but as of today, I have returned and am ready to start classes again. In my last post, I said…
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Germany trip

I forgot to mention in my last post that while I’ve been here at the University of Glasgow, I have been given the honor to work on a side project with a researcher that works in the same detector hall with me at Jefferson Lab, Ken Livingston. The side project entails building a pair polarimeter…
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My transition into the city of Glasgow, Scotland has been quick and easy. The city’s motto, “The people make Glasgow”, truly represents the atmosphere that I feel here. The small struggles that I have endured are ones you would not expect but continue to cause some laughs each and every day. So you all can…
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Exclusive pi-zero production and Compton scattering at GlueX

The GlueX experiment at Jefferson Lab’s Hall D aims to explore the gluonic degrees of freedom within hadrons through high-energy meson photoproduction.  Using a 9 GeV linearly-polarized photon beam, first measurements of the sigma beam asymmetry for pseudoscalar production have already provided insight into the meson production mechanisms at these energies. This endeavor will be…
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